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About us

Secondo Stefano Pavese grew up breathing the effervescent, sophisticated atmosphere of his parents’ haberdashery store in Genoa, Italy. In 1956, driven by the desire to open himself up to the world and specialize in unique, high quality products, he founded the company which bears his name.

During the Italian economic boom, he presented a luxury, handcrafted product to the world of fashion. His product evoked the notion of “Objets d’art” and was tailored to the whims of designers of the era. Soon Pavese buttons, sewn onto satin tags with the “SSP” logo, began to appear on the desks and boards of the most renowned Haute Couture houses.

To this day, “Pavese” buttons are the fruit of rigorous material research and continual development in both design and production techniques. These essential components are, and have always been, implicit in the signature quality that identifies these unique, made to measure objects.

These buttons, all “made in Italy”, never exceed the size of a woman’s eye, as was expressly requested by a young Spanish fashion designer who lives and works in Paris.

Subsequently, the strategic choice to expand the company’s industrial infrastructure in order to be prepared for the changes inherent in the internet era was a winning initiative - an initiative which satisfied the needs of the new “Pret a Porter” market.

A new flexibility and increased speed in product development has become an intrinsic part of this high quality brand. Production capacity has also been re-organised, allowing for a broader product variety and the possibility of expanding internationally.

The classic Pavese button, made from natural materials such as horn, corozo, wood, galalite and mother of pearl, with its unmistakeably rigorous and sophisticated character, is now complemented by innovative new ranges that complete the “Fashion Fantasy”. Today, the use of different materials like metal embellished with rhinestones, pearls or enamel, combined with continuous experimentation and creativity, allow “Pavese” to collaborate with the most renowned fashion houses, both in Italy and Internationally.

Two collections which coincide with the launch of the annual fashion seasons, are carefully prepared and presented at all of the major international fashion exhibitions. This high quality product is testimony to the Company’s strict guidelines in terms of quality and innovation, both of which are hallmarks of “Secondo Stefano Pavese” buttons